As the soft breeze hits my face,
Memories start to flash with pace.
The very glimpse of you,
Makes me feel that your love is so true!
My heart starts pounding,
Feels like I’m fleeting.
Venerated are the moments!
And as the time passes by;
Love gets so intense!
As the true love is always eternal.
In the heart it blossoms;
And the feeling is so pure and blithesome.


Through our eyes we see the world;
Perceive and comprehend things as we are.
The whole world seems so absurd,
When the entirety appears bizzare!

But when the discernment is untwined;
Everything manifests into reality that is irrevocably perfect!
Envision becomes as clear as the water that is refined,
Keeping at bay the futile thoughts that torment.

The garden of resolute pure consciousness;
Is nurtured by the seeds of positive zest!
Exuberance of rectitude reflects righteousness,
And the impotency is bound to get suppressed.

Self-realization illuminates the soul from within,
And false perception shall be replaced therein!


Encased in the body of delusion-
The veil of worldly pleasures!
Soul grapple with hankering recreation;
Ignorance of the Atman’s true nature.
Detachment is the only resolution,
Enchanted soul attains the unrivalled jubilation!
The casket of illusion is abandoned;
Remoteness is reckoned,
The liberation of the spirit is eventuated-
The true cessation of detachment!


My mind is muddled,
Trapped in it’s own thoughts!
And I remain baffled-
As I’m caught.

The depth of solace;
Remain deeply buried under the layers of filth!
Anchors of consciousness-
Fail to invade the silt.

The path to blessedness-
Remain untouched!
As the futile thoughts conceal the mind;
The inner self becomes blind.

Caged in it’s own conception,
Mind is bound to accept deception!
And when the hollow thoughts are drained;
The divine serenity is attained!


I shed my veil of ignorance,
Genesis of delusion.
In the pursuit of divine reverence;
I procure the path to salvation!
Amidst the sphere of mirage-
I seek divine wisdom,
For the idiocy to sabotage!
To dwell in the consecrated freedom
Flee the diabolical maya,
And rejoice the holy exultation!

Oh, Heavenly father!
Enlighten my soul to escape the veil of maya
And to enrapture the light of wisdom-
The Supreme Consciousness!


As I close my eyes;

Tranquility starts to rise.

As I detach myself from profane,

I attain the state of being serene!

Theres comes a time, I attain stillness;

For there shall be no foulness!

Heart becomes a place for the divine-

And is worshipped as a shrine.

Bombardment of thoughts is sustained;

As placidness is obtained.

Inner self becomes calm and composed,

As the turbulence of thoughts is quietened!

And the ultimate path to Spirituality

Leads to the divine ocean of sanctity!


Oh Divine Mother!
I’ve been waiting for thy love-
The paramount of happiness!

The consecrated nectar I crave
For which my soul is ravenous!
The light of wisdom you bestow,
In thy surrendrance-
Seed of devotion I sow,
Without any hindrance
For you have graced us with thy love!
The unsurpassed form of eternal bliss;
Soul is filled with divine love
Roped into heavenly abyss.

Oh, Divine Mother!
I have been waiting for thy love-
The paramount of happiness!


Melancholy encircled my life like a fence;

Misery so intense!

The withered dog house of grief,

Agony ineffable in brief

Envy creeping like silent footsteps;

Strident words rustling like evil voice,

When evil comes knocking to our doorsteps

Pain is endured for, there is no choice!

Inevitable is the torment that comes by,

Ineludible are impediments and are hard to deny!

But never give up the spirit of enthusiasm

For there shall always be a

“Last ray of hope”


High up above the sky;
I would like to fly
Away from the world that is so sly!

In search of peace-
It would take eternity
And try not to fleece;
From the destination to achieve prosperity!
Where the tender flowers bloom
And the sweet fragrance lingers,
There ain’t no chance to gloom
The world filled with glitters!
Where the vengeance is ridden
Malignity is forbidden
And the felicity  is attained,
When malevolence is restrained!

High up above the sky;
I would like to fly
Away from the world that is so sly!